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All About Us

Visiting Us online or in person will be an experience.

Online you will see all our items, some can be shipped standard other items will be overnighted at an additional that will be added prior to shipment.  

Visiting Us in person will be only for pick up as of right now.

I am a Graduate of Aguste Escoffier Pastry Art is my thing.  I went to school to learn more about my passion. I  am passionate about my dessert creations. See the smiles on people's faces when enjoying my desserts and treats is the validation that I make good things.

Need Catering...

We can cater youir next event.  Whether big or small, we got you!

Need an Ordained Minister for a Wedding, Baptisim or whatever the occassion, We offer them services as well.

Thank you for visiting! We are looking forward to your orders.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
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